Sex Perceptions: How Sex Is Described in Other Religions

Talking about how sex is described in religions is always an interesting topic. Many people have beliefs, ideas, and thoughts of how everything should work, and it isn’t always in line with what religions dictate. At the same time, there are thousands of different religions out there, so it is expected that there are a few unique points in them. Let’s take a look at some of the major religions and what are their opinions on sex and sexuality. 

Sex in Light of Buddhism

In Buddhism, sex is not forbidden. It isn’t something you should be afraid of. However, Buddha taught that sex or any other type of craving is just a distraction from real goals in life. Furthermore, Buddha claimed that craving is the sole reason for suffering. This is why celibacy is popular for full-time disciples, while other people should at least try to avoid having sex. 


Those that are interested in becoming monks or nuns should know that celibacy is a must in almost every place focusing on Buddhism. And this includes masturbation as well. Having this type of pleasure will prevent a person from reaching enlightenment. 


What is interesting here is that Buddhism in Japan preaches a complete opposite. They see sex as something positive that can help people reach enlightenment. In fact, many Japanese Buddhists were known to have relationships with geishas and prostitutes. 


Moreover, there are different teachings when it comes to Buddhism as well as with other big religions. This leads us to sexual yoga and tantric sex. Some Tibetan monks believe that sexual yoga is not only good but necessary to reach the highest level of spiritual attainment. Needless to say, they aren’t having sex all day, and sexual yoga is something that is only allowed after years of training.

Sex in Light of Islam

The next religion on the list is Islam. Now, many people believe that sex is not something appreciated in Islam, and they are wrong. In fact, they believe that sex is a gift from Allah. But as such, it should only be consumed in marriage. People that are part of this religion don’t approve of the idea of premarital sex, and there are parts of the world where it is punishable by law. 


Furthermore, sex is something that they believe should be between a man and a woman. Islam doesn’t approve of same-sex marriages or relationships, and it is another thing that can get you in trouble. 


Countries following Islam believe that sex is intimate and personal and that it doesn’t have its place outside of the bedroom. Women are required to dress modestly, which often includes covering body parts. Another thing about Islam is that it is a monogamous religion, and least when it comes to relationships. They believe that adultery is a serious crime, and it is similar to theft. 


Both homosexuality and adultery can be punishable by death, based on the country. What is interesting here is that Quran doesn’t mention anything about oral sex, which is why many scholars believe it is allowed. However, there are a couple of lines about foreplay, which just starts another discussion. Is oral sex a part of foreplay? 


The same thing applies to masturbation. It is not taboo or shameful.

Sex in Light of Hinduism

Probably the first thing on your mind when mentioning Hinduism is Kama Sutra, and if you thought that this religion is sex-friendly, you are right. The majority of Hindu people believe that sexual pleasure is one of four primary goals in life. Needless to say, while sex is always a good thing, there are a few limitations. Firstly, self-control is an important aspect for every person. 


It is also worth mentioning that being in a relationship is preferable. The reason for this is that having children is another important goal in life. It creates a nice balance for people subscribing to this ideology. While talking about self-control, having sex means that no one should come to harm during intercourse. And this includes both physical and psychological harm. Moreover, no one should put sex as their number one priority, especially if they have family and children. 


We’ve all heard of Kama Sutra, the guide to mutual sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but also respect. Of course, many Hindus believe that sex should be only between married couples. Traditionally, men expect their future wife to be a virgin. Since the primary focus is on marital sex and having children, many see homosexualism as something unacceptable. 


In essence, Hinduism promotes and encourages sex, but only within boundaries. This means that sex is for married couples where one partner is male, and the other one is female. But this doesn’t mean that same-sex relationships and adultery are forbidden. In reality, the majority of Hindus ignore these “problems.”

Sex in Light of Confucianism

Confucianism is a system of behavior and thought that originated in ancient China. Today, many people follow this ideology, and they stand behind its principles. When it comes to sex, the entire topic is taboo in Confucianism. The entire culture is quite conservative, and even talking about sex is sure to turn heads. Needless to say, China is a huge country. There are no universal rules that apply to every part of it. You might notice different behavior if you go from city to city.


In some places, adolescent sex is almost non-existent, while other cities might have different results. Since the entire topic is taboo, it is more than obvious that most people do not welcome premarital sex. Moreover, Confucianism points out that sex should result in childbirth. Anything other than that is a no-no. 


Women should be virgins before marriage too. They are to be faithful to their husbands regardless of whether they are alive or dead. It is interesting that Confucianism sees sex as a crucial part of life. But at the same time, it is not as important as with other religions. In fact, the sole purpose of sex is to produce an heir (preferably a male one).