Scented Squishies are the best! Here are three reasons why


The scent is a powerful memory evoker. It can instantly transport you into another time. The smell of freshly baked cookies can make you feel like you’re back at your grandma’s house. The fresh ocean breeze can remind you of a long-lost summer love. It’s a serene feeling, to smell something familiar.

And, wouldn’t it be even better if paired with some stress relief? Squishies are highly entertaining. Furthermore, the feeling of squeezing them in your hand, watching them change shape and then revert to the original state is very satisfying. You can squeeze them every time you’re feeling the stress creep up on you. They’ll never fail to amuse and relax you.

So, how would combining those two feelings feel like? Divine, that’s how. There’s a reason scented squishies are the best squishies.

Kawaii indeed

You are supposed to squish the squishies. Well, of course, the name implies that already. But, what are they, exactly? The foam-like material gives them their signature squeezable texture. They originated in Japan, which is understandable since the Japanese are pioneers of cuteness. In fact, Kawaii, a word often used to describe squishies, literally means “cute” in Japanese.

But, squishies are more than just cute objects. They are amazing stress-relievers. They’ll boost your mood in no time, but improve your productivity and focus, as well.

You can squish these cute toys all you like. They’ll always revert back to their original form. On top of that, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get one that best reflects your interests.

Sounds good? It gets better than that. Because not only can squishies be all that, but they can also be scented. That means they’ll release a particular smell when you squeeze them. This feature will work alongside the tactile relief, to diminish your stress and improve your amusement.

The scent adds another dimension. While the most popular fragrances are those of food, you can get magic squishies, character squishies, animal squishies, mystical squishies, as well as many more. Any squishy can be a scented squishy, in fact.

But, why are they so awesome?

Experience the delight

The sense of smell is the strongest sense humans have. That’s why scents are so potent when it comes to memories. We often associate different smells with certain situations. That’s no coincidence. Our brain will attach memories to strongest sensations, and more often than not, that sensation will be the smell. And scented squishies can help you remember precious memories. You just have to pick the right one for you. The scent paired with the tactile feeling of actually squishing the squishy will be a fantastic experience, every time.

Remember, remember

The area of the brain associated with the sense of smell is closely connected to the areas in charge of making and recollection of memories. That explains how a scent can transport you into past and evoke powerful memories.

You can take advantage of this fact and use the squishies scented with smells that evoke pleasant memories for you. That will put you in a great mood, and any stress will be long forgotten.

Emotions and scent

Smells can also be triggers for strong emotions. It’s not just memories you’ll evoke, but feelings, as well. So, while you’re squeezing your kawaii squishy, you’ll smell the incredible scent that it gives off, and reminisce about the past while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Let the cookie scented squishy, for example, remind you not just of the good times in your grandma’s house, but of her love and the devotion you feel for her.

So, that’s why, in short, scented squishies are the best squishies. What’s your favorite type?