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Tina Schermer Sellers is our latest guest on Birds and Bees Podcast. She is on the show today to talk about her experience, and research around sexuality and religious beliefs. Tina gives a brief history of sexual shame in religion, talks about the purity movement, and her reasoning behind writing the book “Sex, God and the Conservative Church.” In her history research she explains the Vow of ‘Onah and what this means for women being respected as sexual being, and what is expected of men. (My mind was blown learning of this vow ancient vow). Tina goes on to identify ways to heal sexual shame (Beit from religious context or another source). She also speaks directly to parents about having 100 one-minute conversations with your children about sex. She explains how this process works and what research tells us about these minute conversations. Dr. Sellers has amazing insight and advice on how parents can teach religious values, while avoiding sexually shaming your children, while building you relationship with your children. And for couples she addresses how to build anticipation, desire, and intimacy in a relationship, even when you are choosing to be celibate before marriage. How do we fit all of this into a 40-minute show? Space time manipulation …. but for real, she has so much information on such a huge subject. The show is exciting from start to finish. If you like the content of the show, please consider leaving a review for Birds and Bees Podcast to help others find the show.

Elizabeth, comedy writer, and Andy, record producer, are a real-life married couple who are open, honest and hilarious whether they’re talking about tougher times, sexual compatibility quizzes, or announcing their pregnancy. We loved one of their recent episodes about their trip to Vegas—the first time away from their daughter—so relatable.

Dan Savage is a sex-columnist, author and LGBT activist who answers a wide array of questions on his podcast. He’s graphic, direct, pragmatic and we love listening in on all the questions his guests ask. One episode covers all sorts of topics from suggesting labor stimulation methods (yes please!) to pleasing your partner to how we talk about trans people. Worth a listen!

Emotionally complicated storytelling, eclectic characters, risquĂ© topics—this isn’t your typical public radio fare. The episode about writer and filmmaker Diane Weipert’s neighbors who never shut their curtains is super interesting. Check out the clip to see how Weipert deals with it. Or if you want to learn a bit more about (ahem) unique fetishes other people have (who doesn’t?) or secrets your otherwise ordinary neighbors keep, this podcast is for you.