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150-Hour Therapeutics Training


This training will be hosted in classic “salon-style,” a conversational gathering inspired by your teacher where spirited discussion amongst your peers is deeply encouraged! Course work will be both didactic and experiential. We will study functional anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. We will learn about human physiology—how each system in the body works and how inter-related these systems are. Additionally, we will come to understand how to influence the healing of the body and mind to maintain or reach a level of homeostasis in our sacred vessel.

We will observe movement and alignment in our own bodies and have the opportunity to evaluate, treat and design a yoga-based exercise program for individuals from our community who will be part of our course of study!

Note: Upon completion of your registration, if you are interested, please send a note on why you are interested and what you plan to do with the knowledge gained at [email protected].

Prerequisite:  200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate
You must attend each weekend to receive your hours. Make up sessions are difficult but can be arranged. 


Friday, 2:00–6:00pm
Saturday, 12:30–6:30pm
Sunday, 12:30–6:30pm
*Payment plan available; for more information, please contact [email protected]Please note that there is a $50 administrative fee for payment plans.